Energy Saving in Malta - Chi Consultants help you find and reduce your excess energy costs


Chi Consultants provides full energy audits to help you manage your energy consumption better...


We provide integrated marketing communications solutions for your business, brand or product. Our services...


We work hand in hand with clients or partners who genuinely seek growth and innovation...

Household Energy Audits

Energy Household

There are many ways to go about saving energy in the home. Installing expensive systems is not always the answer. Chi Consultants provides full energy audits to help you manage your energy consumption better.. read more

Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial Energy Audit

A commercial premises is comprised of owners and employees. Therefore a commercial energy conservation policy is mandatory. However, in a commercial building there might be a lot of equipment that might scale up the.. read more

Industrial Energy Audits


Through our experts' background in engineering, psychology, marketing and market research we seek collaborations with other companies or individuals, with like- minded ideas on green innovation.. read more

We stand for sustainable living and greener futures

Chi Consultants are a duo of professionals who are committed to offer services in the fields of energy, marketing and innovation. With a joint expertise on their respective fields of study and team effort, CHI Consultants provide an overall complete service.

Energy: Prevention is cheaper than cure. Start saving energy now by learning to manage your daily energy consumption. Chi Consultants provides full energy audits to help you manage your energy consumption better. For residential, commercial or industrial premises, we offer a professional detailed energy report including the identification of cost- effective measures to improve the efficiency of energy use, estimate potential energy saving; analysis of heating and cooling, lighting electrical management, natural ventilation, equipment/ appliances efficiency and behavioural; budget costs, pay-back periods and energy management strategies.

Marketing: Specializing in the integrated marketing communications approach to marketing, we offer a new, cost - effective means to address your marketing needs, increase your competitiveness and seek new marketing opportunities. CHI Consultants provide various marketing services for both online and offline campaigns with a special focus on green marketing. Through qualitative and quantitative market research, Chi Consultants can also help you achieve insights and impressions on your product, concept or idea to help you make the accurate decisions. 

Innovation: By providing professional guidance, at Chi Consultants, we work closely with our clients or partners to create better or more effective products, technologies or concepts.