About Us

Rubyanne Cauchi B.Psy (Hons), MSc BA in Marketing (San Diego University, CA), MA Int. Mar. Comm. (University of Malta).

Rubyanne is a marketing professional and also has a vast experience in qualitative and quatitive market research. Through her work, Rubyanne has been responsabile for several products' national launches in Malta for both local and international clients. 

At CHi Consultants, she is a responsible for adimistration and marketing.

Ing. Matthew Cauchi (B. Eng Hons) 

Matthew is a qualified engineer with ample experience in national power generation, distribution and counsumption. He is also proficient in project managment, innovative solutions, mechanical  electrical systems, modelling of mechanical systems and buildings, thermal modelling using CFD softwares and P&ID's. Matthew has thorough knowledge of local and international energy saving legislations and policies and renewable energy solutions.

At CHI Consulants, he is responsable for energy auditing, energy solutions consultancy, and invention and innovation.     


Chi Consultants provides full energy audits to help you manage your energy consumption better...

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We provide integrated marketing communications solutions for your business, brand or product. Our services...

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We work hand in hand with clients or partners who genuinely seek growth and innovation...

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