Commercial Energy

We help you save and manage your energy consumption better

One of our main areas of expertise is energy saving. We help our customers to save and manage their energy consumption better. Through a detailed study carried out on our customers’ premises (commercial, residential or industrial) and use of professional equipement we are able to offer tailor made energy saving solutions to fit all budgets.  

Every energy audit is divided into two parts, basic and advanced. In the basic energy audit, a detailed study of energy consumption vis-a-vis electricity bills is carried out. In this part of the energy audit, the client will have all the information required to reduce energy consumption and hence will be able to carry out decisions on structural changes, changes of equipment or behavioral changes to reduce the energy consumption.


A more advanced energy audit will focus on different elements of consumption. This will include analysis on: building structural requirements, moisture management, ventilation, heating and cooling, lighting, electrical management, equipment / appliances efficiency, building certification and behavioral analysis. Also, through the use of a thermal image camera (thermal imaging) non- destructive detection of electricity faults, under floor water leakages, insulation defects, humidity sources, heat loss and loss of cold air, are carried out.  


A professional detailed energy report and recommendations are provided including:

    • The identification of cost- effective measures to improve the efficiency of energy use
    • Estimate potential energy savings, budget costs, pay-back periods and energy management strategies
    • Continuous monitoring of energy consumption and periodic consultation to reach consumption set targets. 

We pride ourselves in providing quality studies on top of your current energy conservation policies. We educate our customers to be proficient in managing energy conservation policies. 



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