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We provide integrated marketing communications solutions for your business, brand or product.

Our services inlcude:

Marketing has become an essential element of a successful business, brand or product in the fast and competitive world of today. Everything we touch and see has become a means of marketing. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is rapidly becoming the way forward for marketing today. IMC is the integration of marketing tools and communications elements, merged into a seamless strategic campaign to maximize impact the audience, at minimal costs.

We can help you maximize your service, product or brand through the following services:


Corporate Image and Reputation Management

Many organisations consider their greatest asset to be their good image or reputation. The main benefits of a good corporate reputation can be found in:

  • The clients’ preference in doing business with your organization rather than with your competition, even if the latter’s products and services are available at a similar cost and quality;
  • Your ability to charge a premium for products and services;
  • Clients support for your organization in times of controversy;
  • Your organization’s financial value in the market.


Brand Management

We help you to develop your brand online as well as offline. We help you establish your brand by building your name and its recognition over time.

Consumer Behaviour Analysis

We help you understand how your consumers think, feel, reason and choose between your company’s product and services and competition; how is the consumer influenced by the environment and their behaviour while shopping or making other marketing decision.


Advertising management

We help you in selecting the right mediums and messages to be delivered to your audience, through online and offline methods. We can also help you reach audiences through innovative advertising spaces. Audiences are being bombarded by hundreds of advertising messages each day and people just tend to switch their brains off. We can help you reach your consumers through new and innovative methods, which will encourage them to pay attention to your product or brand.

Our trained and smart promoters will be present at your company’s promotional events, entertainment places, retail outlets and supermarkets to promote your products or services.

Database marketing
We can help you market your product or brand through database marketing, emphasising the use of statistical techniques to develop models of customer behaviour, which are then used to select customers for your marketing communications.

Event marketing
Event marketing brings the advertising to the consumer by direct hand-to-hand sampling or interactive displays. While advertising and major marketing programs reach consumers with the same general messages on traditional media, event marketing targets specific individuals or groups at gathering spots where they hope to make quality individual impressions. We can help you organize events to make your product or brand a successful one.

Social Media marketing
Social media is becoming an integral part of online marketing. It is important for a company to engage with its audiences. We can help you integrate social media into your internet marketing strategy, and identify the right tools you need to employ to energize your customer to drive results.

Email Marketing
With email marketing, strategy is a critical and often overlooked component of a successful campaign: knowing how often you should send, how to segment your subscribers, what content is effective and how to even integrate social media is imperative for a successful marketing strategy. We can help develop a plan and provide the expertise and tools to achieve your strategic objectives and help you derive results.


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