Market Research

Market Research is also an important element of marketing and the success of a business or brand. Achieving consumer insights on a new or existing product, concept or idea helps businesses in making the right decisions.

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis we are able to achieve results on: new trends, tastes, innovative product ideas, lifestyles, concepts, packaging, brand loyalty, employee satisfaction, consumer satisfaction and advertising.

Our services:

Focus Groups

Discussion groups of 6 -8 people to gain insights on new concepts, ideas, lifestyles, products and so on.

In depth Interviews

One to one 1 hour interviews to gain insights on


Surveys to gain quantitative data about products, concepts or ideas.

Point Of Sale interviews

Interviews carried out to customers at point of sale, i.e. retail outlets, supermarkets and so on.

Home Use Tests

Products are distributed to a selected number of households to use in their daily life. Either through questionnaires, diaries or interview, the participants report their relationship with the product.

With our marketing expert’s combined backgrounds in psychology, marketing and market research, Chi Consultants is able to deliver full strategic programs for all of your marketing needs.


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